Week 1 – 7kg down

Liquid diet only this week. Lots of V8 juice, Coke Zero and soup, soup, soup. Up and Go for breakfast, which is surprisingly satisfying. I have been shocked at how little food I am eating/ drinking this week. Lucky I like pumpkin. Already losing weight. Lost weight before the surgery as part of the preparation, using VLCD shakes. I was just under 131kg when I went in. Sitting on about 130kg right now. Hoping that it will edge down a bit more once the band is tightened. Won’t be allowed to drink the V8 juice after this week. All fluids (except the occasional glass of wine) are to be lo-cal or no-cal after week 1. Fortunately, although I love a glasss of vino, I do not drink often, unless it’s a social occasion, so I should be able to weather that okay. I have noticed that I have to let the Coke Zero settle a bit before I drink it. The bubbles are a killer in a smaller cavity! Also finally managed a BM this week. A bit of a strain, but not too bad. Apparently I may only “go” 3 or 4 times a week once this full swing.  Not sure how I feel about that yet. Will keep you posted.


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