Week 2 – 9kg down

I like to call this week, Mush Week. Not “mush” as in the word you say to make sled dogs go – “mush”  as in what I have to reduce my food to in order to eat it. Some things lend themselves well to mush – porridge, Weet Bix, scrambled eggs, avocado, bananas, yoghurt.. Some do not- like hot cross buns. It’s Easter and I can’t even take a bite of those babies. Ah well, I’ll just spoon some tuna/steamed veg/cheese mush into my mouth and feel smug about reaching 9kg. NINE! This time next week I’ll be in double digits for weight lost.

Things are starting to feel different. I know I am walking better – I can feel my posture improving. I am able to put pants on I could not get over my hips before, so that’s a bonus. And my relationship with food is changing – even more. Despite the fact that I have to think about food  – in terms of planning what I will eat for the day (as steaming, mushing, cooking takes some thought), I am not thinking “what can I eat now?” Which was the previous mindset. I don’t look for snacks like I used to, because I feel satisfied and don’t want anything more. I said on Facebook that I felt some of my eating was boredom-related. I’m not sure that was accurate. I think it was more about opportunity and gratification, rather than actually being bored. I’m not sure if that explains it correctly, but it feels more like it was about the SENSATION of eating rather than anything else. I commented to my ever-supportive husband Andrew this morning that I am not longer craving meat as I was while on the Optifast VLCD shakes. I have been able to eat cheese (about 1/4 cup grated) with my veggie mush, and that seems to have stopped that craving. Not that I won’t be eating meat next week when I get the opportunity, but I can see that having fish will be just as satisfying when the time comes for “soft week”.

Physiologically, I am peeing a lot more than I expected to, but then I AM drinking a lot more fluid than I previously did. I can see my face is thinner and my lower body, in particular, is starting to feel different too.  I will be taking measurements this week, so it will be interesting to see the changes there. I will pop up a little table here once I have done them! Photographs will follow, but not sure when I will be okay enough to share them – a few kilos to go before that happens I think…

Thanks for reading this far. So great to be looking forward, and not back.


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