Week 3 – 9kg down (still) – warning, not for the squeamish

It’s been a pretty crappy week. I was hit with an attack of agonising sciatica, so have spent about 4 days dosing up on cortisone and painkillers, laid up in bed. No further weight loss because I have basically been sedentary for four whole days and taking steroids. Feeling much better today and excited to be in “soft food” week. Last night I had a steamed salmon fillet and steamed veg and it was yummy. Was feeling very positive, and my back is starting to feel much better. Tonight, whilst my dear husband and son attended parent teach interviews, I cooked dinner. Tender pork sirloins, with some roasted veg and peas. Basted the pork with maple syrup and apple cider vinegar seasoned with basil and oregano. Delish, right? Right. So delicious, that I gulped down a mouthful of the sirloin before chewing it adequately. In fact, barely chewing it at all. You know what’s coming next, right? I sat at the dinner table for about 5 minutes trying so hard to push this mouthful down, and eventually I realised that I had to get to the bathroom – quickly.

It was the weirdest, most horrible feeling in the world regurgitating that food. Everything that I had eaten to that point in the meal came back. Intact. Sorry to be graphic, but if you are planning to take this journey you need to know what you’re in for. I swore I wouldn’t do this – that I would be in total control. But I am still learning. This body is new, and what it can and can’t do is new too. Anyway, I went back to the table, ate the soft veggies and then attempted some meat again, but this time a quarter of the bite and chewed it 20 times as suggested in all the literature. It worked a treat and it was very tasty. 

It was certainly an object lesson in what has changed in my life. Slow, considered eating it the way to go. I think the mush lulled me into a false sense of security, but now I will be more aware, and that can only be a good thing. Fish is great, so I will eat a lot of that for the next week or so and then move myself up to the next “level” when that is under control. Luckily I LOVE fish – and steamed or stir fried veg, so I should be fine. Hoping to reach 10kg lost this time next week once I am more active again. 

Onward and upward! (Or should that be downward?!)


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