The major mind-reset phase has begun

Today I went back the surgeon and had saline put into my band. The sensation of the needle being taken out of the port was weird, but the injection itself was not painful. The port is in exactly the right spot and I have healed well, which was great news.  After they put the saline in, you have to drink some water to see if you can swallow it properly (after all they’ve just made the opening smaller). This did not go well. I took a sip and it was painful straight away, and up it came (ew!). So, back on the bed and the surgeon inserted the needle again and took some saline out.  More water. More pain, but at least I kept it down. Back on the bed, needle back in, and more saline removed. Instant relief. More water. All good.  No steak or bread for the next 2 or 3 days, and now the timing of every mouthful starts.

I Timerwas presented with an 1 minute egg timer. On the top it says “Eat a small amount of good food slowly”. Just in case you’ve forgotten how that pain felt! Each mouthful of food must be chewed for one minute before swallowing. Eventually I won’t need it anymore because it will just be how I eat. But for now it is my constant companion. Now the REAL mind reset begins – the slowing down (even more than I have already), the choice of food, and hopefully not feeling hungry or interested in food.  Still feeling very positive about the whole experience so far – even the throwing up incidents – because they are all steps in a long journey.  A journey I have already waited too long to take. Here’s to the next phase!


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