Gagging for it – lessons from brunch…

Went out to eat with friends for brunch this morning at one of our favourite locals. By 10:30 I was feeling ready to eat, so I ordered mushrooms and hoummus on a bagel with avocado and a poached egg. If it sounds ambitious, you’re right. 

  1. Probably should have forgone the bagel
  2. Probably should have chosen something smaller
  3. Definitely should have avoided hoummus. 

Avo? Lovely. Egg? Great. Mushies? Okay to a point. Bagel? Not a good idea –  too dense. Hoummus? VERY bad idea. I thought the hoummus would be good. Soft, nutritious. Nope. Turns out what hoummus is best at is sticking things together. Gumming up the works, if you will. This resulted in two trips to the establishment’s toilet. The first, a calm walk and deliberate expunging of the blockage. The second, an agony-filled race to the toilet before all the cafe patrons got to see what I had just tried to ingest. 

Fortunately our friends are pretty easy going folk and were aware what was going on, so no cause for embarrassment. Just a sense of annoyance from me and feeling like I took a backward step. I ate slowly, I even remembered to take smaller mouthfuls, but the hoummus brought me undone. Clearly this is the next learning curve, running parallel to the how to eat curve : WHAT to eat/ not eat.

So, scratch hoummus, at least for now while I settle into a “band rhythm”.  

And it really looks like breakfast, my favourite meal to eat out, will be a pot of tea or a couple of lattes for the next little while.  That’s okay. At least I don’t run the risk of egging my top anymore. Win.

Hoummus is overrated anyway….although this hoummus was delicious. At least, it was going down…

Note: crumpets go down easier. Had one with honey when we got home and it was great.

That should see me through until dinner – whenever that is. 


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