Week 6 – 11.5 kg lost – the new normal

After the ordeal of brunch last weekend, I decided to take a softly, softly approach to my eating and just ease my way along. By Monday I was coping well. The key has certainly been to take smaller mouth/forkfuls and chew them for as long as possible. I can no longer tolerate Weetbix – too much like hummus, I think it gums up the works. This is devastating as it was my go-to breakfast on a cold winter morning. Might have to look at instant porridge instead.

The good news is that I can now eat English muffins and crumpets! So baked beans on a toasted muffin is a quick and yummy brekkie – when I have brekkie. I still am not eating breakfast every day. It just depends on how full I feel. I now keep snacks like Ryvita or Cruskits at work so if I do get peckish mid-morning, I can have a little something to keep me going. Often, though, I will just wait until lunchtime – working in a school means I have restrictions on when I am allowed to stop to eat something, and since eating takes at least 15-20 minutes now I can no longer eat “on the run” as I used to.

I have been shocked at how little I need to eat in order to:

  1. Feel satisfied
  2. Maintain energy levels (although I am dog-tired by the end of the day)
  3. Lose weight.

Now it’s just a matter of taking one day at a time and making these new habits life habits. Next week I am back to have the band tightened or loosened. I am pretty sure they’ll be putting more saline in because I am just starting to eat more than I probably should be able to. Then the whole process starts again – until we reach the optimal band size.

I’m ready.


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