Not a sausage – 12 kg lost

Landmark day today. 12kg lost, but that’s not the biggest thing that’s happened.

Today I put on pantyhose, and I am wearing them comfortably, for the first time in FIVE YEARS. Let me repeat that. FIVE YEARS.

Over the past 5 years, every time I tried to wear pantyhose (yes, even the ones made for larger women) I would struggle and strain to put them on. Sometimes I would give up, sometimes they would tear (often, actually) and I would throw them away in disgust, and very rarely I would get them on. IF I actually managed to get them on, I felt like a sausage squeezed into a too-tight case. My legs would rub together and chafe and give me a terrible rash from the friction created. I stopped trying all together about 2 years ago and resigned myself to long-ish skirts, and pants, so I could wear knee-high stockings and be comfortable.

Today, I am wearing pantyhose and my legs are warm. I am in a knee length straight skirt and my legs are not creating pantyhose friction.

Today, dear readers, is a very good day.


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