Week 8 : One-pot screamer. 13.5kg lost

Everything has more or less settled back into a routine since the adjustment last week, thank goodness. Managed a lovely brunch yesterday with close friends – without regurgitation issues, so that was a bonus. Ordering breakfast meals WITHOUT the toast is definitely the way to go! 

Last night I decided to have a glass of red while cooking dinner for the family and watching the news. 

Well, well, well…turns out making one’s stomach smaller makes one get pissed quicker and with less! By the time I served dinner I was flying. I was one relaxed mummy! I can see that doing shots and drinking cocktails as I did on my cruise last year will become a thing of the past. More like doing A SHOT and having A COCKTAIL. At least it’ll be cheap! 

I did manage to successfully ingest and retain the wine, so I will just have to really really savour it when I do drink it (it’s not like we drink wine every day or anything). Perhaps this means when we go to dinner somewhere I need to order the most expensive wine by the glass and enjoy the ride.

Learning every day. Fast approaching the 120kg mark. When that happens I will be the lightest I have been in three years.

Bring it on.


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