Week 10 – 14kg lost. A week of firsts

After the lamb incident everything has settled down quite well. Have reached 14kg lost and feeling great. Had to have a pair of jeans TAKEN IN this week because the waist band was gaping – a first. 

I am at a fabulous YA Lit conference this weekend and there have been firsts here too. Walking to the venue this year was not the sweaty, panting, out of breath experience it was 2 years ago at the same conference – another first. Walking up and down the stairs at the venue was easy – another first. I bought a t-shirt from the event bookseller in a size L – yet another first (well, not for the last 4 years anyway). And then, back in the hotel room tonight, I could put on the hotel bathrobe! Last time I could not even get it around me! A definite first! 

There have been a couple of hiccups today too, like not being able to eat breakfast, and a dodgy room service meal last night, but for the most part this week has been good. It is getting easier to tell when I am losing weight too. I can tell by how many times I have to take a whizz. The more wee, the more weight lost. 

I feel so lucky to have been able to take this step towards changing my life and health for the better. My friends and family are being so very supportive and I honestly could not do it without all of them in my corner, so I just want to say thank you. 

I see my surgeon next week to hopefully put in some more saline. Hopefully it will be a less painful experience than last time. 🙄

To round things off, here is a photo of me in that bathrobe! 


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