Starting Week 18 – have to admit, it’s getting better…18kg lost!

Thought I would just post an update after my pretty flat post last time. Things have settled down a bit more since the band tightening (nearly 2 weeks ago now) and the weight is starting to fall off again. I hit the 18kg loss mark yesterday, and falling. I am the lightest I have been in about 5 years now and it’s starting to show everywhere. Soon I will have to buy new knickers and a couple more smaller bras! Today I bought the first pair of button and zip jeans I have owned since 2011, which was exciting.

The best part is moving around freely. Being able to climb stairs, kneel down, bend to pick things up off the floor, and yes, being able to reach around and wipe myself properly when toileting (this was not always possible before) all works to make me a happier person over all.

Sure, it’s great getting all the compliments from friends, family and colleagues, but knowing I can go out and walk around and FUNCTION is priceless. My husband and I are even planning a walking event in the City next weekend (if it’s not pouring with rain of course – we’re not martyrs) that should cover about 10km. Six months ago I couldn’t even think about a walk that was more than 2km, and I would have resisted that too.

Life is great – and it’s getting better, all the time. (apologies to the Beatles)


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