Week 20 – Fittingly, 20kg down!

I have broken the 20kg barrier as of today, and while that is something to celebrate, I am starting to see that the BIGGER thing to celebrate is the change in how I deal with food.

Before I go on, I should admit that I did try pizza again on the weekend: thin crust, minimal toppings – and it was still a disaster. SO for the record, NO MORE PIZZA! When the rest of the family orders in (which they are perfectly entitled to do), I will find something else to have, even if I have to make it myself. Take away on a Friday night is a luxury we allow ourselves – one night in the week where I don’t have to cook or think about feeding everyone else, a treat. Maybe the time has come for me to find another treat. Maybe a soak in the tub? I might actually fit into the bath now…I will keep you posted on that one!

Anyway, back to how I am dealing with food. Most of the time this is working well.  Most days now I really only have 2 meals (at least through the week anyway). This works well for me in a lot of ways – at work I often don’t have a huge opportunity to eat the way I am supposed to  (waiting 60 seconds between each mouthful) and that has caused issues. I am better off having a decent breakfast (my favourite meal of the day anyway), and then a small and delicious dinner with my family at night. I honestly find now that while I plan what I will eat, and when, food is not what I am thinking about most of the day. I have realised in the past that is what was happening. I was always, in the back of my mind, thinking about what I could eat next. It’s something I didn’t notice until I stopped doing it! I was always looking for “a little something” to “keep me going”. And, hey, I am not saying that I don’t eat the odd bit of choccie or have an occasional bikkie at work (or at home), but it’s controlled and I enjoy it, and then move on.

To some of you this might sound ridiculous, but having less room in my tummy has opened up the world for me in many ways. I am reading more than ever; I knit or crochet every day, which I love; I feel more confident – not because I am lighter, but because I am in control.

On to the next big goal – 25kg down!


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