A bit of a rough patch…

There have been a few ups and downs over the past 8 weeks or so. My weight went back up a little and then I plateaued, and while I was not putting on ANY weight, I was not losing more either.

About 2 weeks ago, I had a frightening episode at work where I had severe chest pain and shortness of breath. I was on my own in the library, but managed to call the school nurse who came straight away and called an ambulance. After 11hours in the ED of a local hospital, and three blood tests, they found nothing wrong with me, but I am booked for a follow up appointment next month. Fortunately I am feeling well, and my bariatric surgeon reckons it might have been an oesophageal spasm, caused by a small piece of food lodged and unable to easily move through. This actually makes sense to me, but at the time I was very scared.

At my regular clinic appointment this week, I had only lost 0.7kg so saline was added to the band. This always means that the next week to ten days is difficult as I change my eating habits again to adjust to the smaller opening. Today, for instance has been a BAD day. All I have managed is a piece of peanut butter toast. Breakfast, for the time being, appears to be off the agenda. This is pretty shitty for me because breakfast is absolutely my favourite meal of the day. And it is, hands down, my favourite meal to go out for. So, eating is currently not a fun activity for me. Well, that’s not completely true. Eating is enjoyable, the regurgitation when things back up in the small space is definitely NOT.

The good news is that I have lost 2kg in 5 days. I am now back to the 24kg loss mark and set to pass it next week. I believe by the end of next week I will be below 110kg for the first time in about 7 years. I am looking forward to things settling done a bit over the next week or so, and finding my new eating level of comfort. I can certainly attest to not being interested in eating much, and that is one of the aims of the exercise. In the meantime, I have a slew of school and other events over the next 7-10 days – all based around food. Dinners, drinks parties, and so on. At least I won’t have to worry about not having enough to eat. A couple of mouthfuls will likely suffice in most cases. It becomes more about the company than the food, more about the celebrations than the cuisine.

But of course, no matter how much I try not thing about the food, of course it is upper most in my mind. When I enter a venue, I note where the toilets are, so that I can easily make my way there if I have a “problem”. There is no way to predict what will get stuck and when after have the band tightened. Food that I have previously been able to handle, might suddenly not work any more, and I have to be able to expel it quickly, so doing a quick reconnoiter as I walk into a new environment can mean the difference between dealing with a problem quickly, or being uncomfortable.

One the of the fantastic things I have experienced recently is meeting up with people who haven’t seen me since before the surgery. This happened at a conference this week, and several colleagues approached me saying they initially hadn’t recognised me because I looked so different. I also found that I could sit for the conference presentations much more comfortably because my bum actually fitted on the chairs properly. It amazing how many thighs like this became everyday things for me. Even travelling on the train was easier because I have ROOM to sit down, and can stand without pain on a crowded train, if I have to.

So, I will start December hoping that by Christmas I will be on the right side of 110kg, and then dip below it early in 2018. Onward. And downward.


4 thoughts on “A bit of a rough patch…

  1. Go Sue….I’m taking in all your info in readiness for my surgery. I now have a GP, have my referral and had all my blood tests the other day. Next step, my initial appointment in December.

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  2. One thing I like to do after I have lost weight (still going after 19 months), is to be able to sit with my legs crossed. Another, is taking out clothes that no longer fits me because they are too big out of my wardrobe…. nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction of wearing clothes I haven’t worn for a long time because they were too small. This what keeps me going when I go through a slow patch when my weight loss plateaued.
    Keep up the great work, Sue 🙂

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