28kg down, and a look back


Today I decided to take some measurements to go along with weighing myself. I thought it would give everyone who reads this blog, and myself, a more complete idea of how things are going. I also took a photo to include with this post – because I am at a point now where I LIKE having my photo taken, and I LIKE how I look. It’s a confronting thing to admit to yourself that, even though you are known as a bit of a selfie queen among your nearest and dearest, you kinda took those shots DESPITE not liking yourself very much. It’s amazing how many things a smile, or pulling a funny face, can hide when you want it to.

Today is a landmark day. I am the lightest I have been in about 7 years., Seven years of hiding behind smiles and duck face poses. Seven years of manufactured bravado that is now at an end.

So, the measurements. I am only going to put up the first set and the most recent set. It illustrates just how far I have come quite well. I have taken measurements once a month since I started, but now I can see the differences as well as feel them, and it is the change in these measurements, in LOOKING smaller, that has resurrected my confidence. Of COURSE the health benefits of losing weight are the most important thing, but this is pretty cool too!

24/3/2017   (two weeks prior to surgery)                                                                      18/12/2017
R thigh: 89cm (35″)                                                                                                             R thigh: 73.5cm (29″)
L thigh: 89cm (35″)                                                                                                              L thigh: 73.5cm (29″)
Bust: 119.5cm (47″)                                                                                                             Bust: 104cm (41″)
Waist: 105cm (41.5″)                                                                                                           Waist: 94cm (37″)
Hips: 151cm (59.5″ – the WHOLE tape measure)                                                       Hips: 129cm (53.5″)
R calf (swollen): 54.5cm (21.5″)                                                                                      R calf: 48.5cm (19″)
L calf: 52.5cm (20.5″)                                                                                                          L calf: 45.5cm (18″)

As you can see, there have been some BIG changes in my body shape. I find it amazing that my current waist measurement is almost down to what ONE of my thighs was before I had the surgery. Mind boggling really. These measurements are the reason I will once again need to head off over the summer holidays to buy more new underwear, and some new clothes as I head into the autumn months because I only have one pair of heavier work pants that stay up now!

To those of you reading with me as I travel this road (I can’t bring myself to call it a journey – ugh), thanks for the support and the positive comments you leave along the way – they mean a lot. For those who are on the road beside me, doing the hard yards like I am (and there are still VERY hard days), hang in there! It’s worth it, I promise, Every day it gets better, and even if there are hurdles, there is nothing you can’t climb over or smash down!

Onward, and downward!


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