A day I could only imagine 12 months ago. 30kg down!

Ten months after I started this long road, I have reached another notable milestone. As of today, I have lost 30kg. I put some weight on over Christmas and I have spent the past 2 weeks or so trying hard to get rid of it. I think it was mostly due to an increased consumption of alcohol and non-diet soft drink, and of course reduced physical activity because I am on school holidays. Lots of Netflix and knitting on the couch (not to mention HEAPS of reading) have not made for a very active lifestyle lately!

My eating patterns have certainly changed since the band was tightened. I generally only eat 2 meals a day now. If I have breakfast, lunch is often off the menu and then I have dinner. If I have do have 3 meals, I usually can’t manage breakfast the next day. And ALL the meals are MUCH smaller now. I reckon I eat about a quarter of what I used to eat in a day – which is mind-boggling really.

Last week I started walking with a friend, which we plan to do once a week, and I have started investigating local gyms with pools with a view to join before school goes back. In the meantime I am trying to go out somewhere each day that involves me doing at least a little walking, and it has clearly made a difference. Even walking around Chadstone or Southland from one end to the other has been enough to push things along. I guess that’s another lesson learned. Even small amounts of physical activity, done daily, are better than nothing at all, and can have an impact. Now that I CAN move around I am looking forward to starting back at a gym and doing some classes (I love the Les Mills Body Pump and Body Combat classes), as well as swimming. I will also look at doing some PT for a while so that I can improve my care strength. I was thinking about going back to Pilates, but my heart’s just not in it! It was interesting to go through the exercises with the physio, but I think if I find the right place, I can find a trainer to help turn my core fitness around. This is to hopefully eradicate my sciatic issues, or at least mitigate the likelihood of those problems recurring.

For now, I will enjoy how being 30kg lighter feels, and plan how to fit more physical activity into my day when I am back at work. I am thinking about getting to work earlier and walking around the block before starting my day – I reckon that could make quite a difference – but perhaps not on the really hot days! We shall see.

Onward – and downward I go…


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