Worst Day Since I Started

Sitting on 98kg, I have felt like I am sitting pretty. Like nothing can stop me from hitting my eventual goal weight. But I am here to tell you, today was a BAD day. For whatever reason, today nothing I ate stayed down. NOTHING. I have regurgitated at least 9 times today. My throat is burning, I feel like I have a balloon of air in my oesophagus and I am exhausted. Even though it’s not really throwing up, you still retch, your eyes water and you feel like shit. I only tried to eat twice really, but there is the initial reaction, and then there are the subsequent reactions, which just keep coming. My body is clearly telling me not to eat, but the only way it can do that is to make me bring the food back. Even though I have not eaten a meal of any description since breakfast at 9am, I could still not, at 7:30pm, even keep down a fried egg.

I feel flat. I know on a world scale this is infinitesimal, but it’s been a demoralising day. Looks like an early night for me. Along with back pain and work pressures this has made this one of the worst days since I had the surgery. I know tomorrow will be better, but I just wish I felt better NOW. No sympathy required, just wanted to log this for posterity. Thanks for reading this far. Out.


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