It had to happen…

Today I had 0.2ml added to the band. I’ve plateaued over the last few weeks and I’ve noticed I’ve been able to pack more food in as well. I’m happy really because hopefully this will be enough to push me back into double figures and shed the last 13 or 14kg. I am so close to my goal now, it would be a shame not to get there. While I am quite happy at this weight now, (around 100kg), it would be better to be below 90 for my health – particularly for my bones and joints as I get older.

Watch this space. When I get back under the 100, and I am consistently losing again, there will be another post. For the next few days I am back on small meals of softer foods, to make the transition easier. I can feel the difference already – the hunger is gone. Bring it on!



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